Editorial Needs

If you're planning to send an advance manuscript submission to an agent or acquisitions editor for review, or if you want to meet with agents and editors during the course of the conference, review the information below to choose the ones who would be the best fit for you and your writing.

If you're not ready for an agent or publisher, send your advance submission to a freelance author for critique, and plan on meeting one-on-one with our freelance faculty members on the critique team. Click here to see their bios.


Diana Flegal, Hartline Literary, is currently looking for women's issue fiction, formula romance (including Amish), and suspense. For nonfiction, she is looking for writers with established platforms and titles addressing how Christians might thoughtfully engage in social issues, grow in their spiritual walk, and help others with issues they have successfully conquered.

Adria Goetz, Martin Literary Management, is currently accepting queries for picture books, middle grade, and young adult, as well as Lifestyle books, quirky gift books, Christian Living titles, and everything else under the Christian umbrella. Adria looks for books that delight readers, that help inspire wonder and imagination, that foster deep empathy and compassion for our fellow human beings, that provide rich character representation of marginalized people groups, that explore issues of faith and how to apply Christ’s teachings to our own life, that celebrate women and the female experience, that ask nitty gritty questions and don’t settle for easy answers, that make readers pee their pants laughing, that make people disappointed when they have to close the book and go to bed, and books that add a touch of magic to readers’ lives. Open to reviewing self-published titles.

Janet Grant, Books and Such Literary, is looking for adult Christian living, memoir, narrative nonfiction, women's nonfiction, and devotionals. She wants to see proposals with chapter summaries, author's marketing plan, comparables, bio, and the first chapter. Not interested in self-published books.

Nick Harrison, WordServe Literary Agency, will look at adult fiction in all genres except speculative fiction. For nonfiction, he will look at self-help, spiritual growth, social issues, women’s books, men’s books, and personal-experience books if the lessons from the experience are applicable to a large segment of the population. Will pass on looking at children’s books, prophecy, poetry, and gift books.

Steve Laube is happy to take any submissions. Self-published books are fine.

Wendy Lawton, Books and Such Literary, is looking for great adult nonfiction proposals written by experts in the subject, especially with appropriate credentials. Also looking for superb adult high-concept fiction proposals, especially in psychological suspense (like Louise Penny, Jacqueline Winspear). She will look at your query or one sheet and give you feedback. That said, she adds, “I am open to seeing what you have. I love to be surprised with something I didn’t even know I wanted.” Exceptions: no fantasy, sci-fi, horror, children’s fiction, or academic or theological nonfiction.

Cynthia Ruchti, Books & Such Literary Management, is primarily looking for nonfiction projects and a very limited number of fiction projects. Nonfiction could include narrative nonfiction, Christian Living, devotionals, Bible studies--only new, not previously published works. Not looking for speculative/fantasy/allegory or children's picture books. She prefers a short description of the project plus one sample chapter. She is especially looking for writers who are aware of what Christian publishers expect, have done their research about what's already on the market in their genre, and who have a good grasp of what makes their projects appealing.

Subsidy Publishers

Inger J. Logelin, Redemption Press, will review 3-5 pages of nonfiction, memoir, autobiography, Bible studies, Christian life, devotionals, blog-to-book projects, or personal experience. Also title consultations or concept development.

Beth Lottig, Author Source, is interested in publishing Christian fiction, Christian nonfiction (devotional, Christian living, inspirational), Business and Leadership, Self-Help and how-to, and Poetry.

Traditional Book Publishers

Sandra Barela, Celebrate Lit Publishing, is looking for manuscripts that are free of questionable language and sexual content. All manuscripts must reflect a Christian worldview. Full-length novels or novellas will be considered in the following genres: Amish, contemporary, mystery, suspense, historical, or fantasy, for adults, young adults, or children. (Romance may or may not be included.) No dystopian or sci-fi. For nonfiction: memoirs, devotionals, cookbooks, biographies, or autobiographies. Please provide the first two chapters of the manuscript plus a bio, short synopsis, long synopsis, and marketing plan.

Jessica Barnes, Bethany House Publishers, is looking for fiction only, especially historical, historical romance, contemporary romance, or romantic suspense. Open to fantasy and other genres. Not looking for nonfiction, poetry, young adult or children’s books, Amish fiction, or science fiction. Prefers to see a full proposal with detailed synopsis and up to three sample chapters. NOTE: Jessica will only be at the conference center on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

Tamara Clymer, Cross River Media, is most interested in Bible study, devotionals, and Christian living. She prefers one-sheets, but if she is interested in your pitch, she would be happy to look at your proposal (including the first three chapters). You will need to have a clear marketing plan and audience description in addition to the other traditional elements. More information can be found at CrossRiverMedia.com.

Andrea Doering, Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, is looking for: 

  • Fiction genres except sci fi/fantasy, YA, children’s, cozy mystery, or historical.
  • Nonfiction except teaching curriculum, children’s books, books aimed at pastors or church leadership.

Andrea would like to see proposals with a Table of Contents and sample chapters, plus author bio and a sense of the books you would compare this to (comparable titles). Please stay within the ten-page maximum for Manuscript Submissions. She will consider self-published titles. Andrea will be available only on Saturday afternoon, Sunday, and Monday until 4 pm.

Renae Brumbaugh GreenArmonia Publishing, is looking for (previously unpublished) positive, hope-filled nonfiction that reaches the special needs community and their families, and uplifting fiction that includes a positive view of a special needs character. Please bring full proposal including evidence of writer’s platform. We are not accepting picture books at this time. 

Susan K. Stewart, Elk Lake Publishing, is interested in all genres of fiction for all ages. Nonfiction with a twist. No devotionals, memoirs (unless of a memorable personality), poetry, or Bible studies. Wants to see a one-sheet. Willing to consider self-published books.

    Magazine Publishers

    Becky Keife, (in)courage, publishes personal stories that all women can relate to with strong faith-based integration and a hope-filled reader takeaway. (Visit http://www.incourage.me/submissions for full submission guidelines.) Becky can provide helpful editorial feedback on personal essays, devotionals, short articles and blog posts, and nonfiction book proposals.

    Susan King, The Upper Room, devotionals. Complete manuscripts: double-spaced, maximum of 300 words per devotional, no more than 3 devotionals per conferee.

    B. J. Taylor, as representative for the Guideposts family of magazines, will review the following. (All stories should be approximately 1200 words or less.)

    Guideposts: nonfiction stories filled with hope and inspiration, particularly family relationships, forgiveness, and struggles that are resolved through faith. 
    Angels on Earth: true stories of feeling or seeing some type of angel in your life. 
    Mysterious Ways: true stories with an “aha” moment, something unexplainable, which the reader didn’t see coming. 
    All Creatures: true stories of creatures of all kinds and how they impact your life, think outside the usual dog and cat stories.

    B. J. Taylor will also help you with stories for Chicken Soup for the Soul, where the focus is on a true, slice-of-life event focused toward the title of one of their many books published each year.