Night Owls

If a full day of Major Morning Tracks or Mentoring Clinics, followed by Afternoon Workshops or Recreational Opportunities and General Sessions with Liz Curtis Higgs, doesn’t completely exhaust you, we have even more to offer! Night Owl sessions are laid-back and casual, and most are interactive. Even if you’re not typically a “night owl” kind of person, this is a perfect way to end your Mount Hermon day.

On Saturday and Sunday nights, you can choose from these exciting bonus options.

Q&A with Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers see bio  |  Location TBA

If you’ve ever wanted to pick the brain of a super-successful, multi-published, best-selling author, here’s your chance! Francine Rivers, author of more than 20 Christian novels, including Redeeming Loveand The Last Sin Eater, will answer questions on the writer’s life from “BC” (Before Contract) to winding down a successful career. Hosted by Karen Ball, this promises to be a fun and eye-opening event.

Story Slams

Murphy Felton

Murphy Felton  |  Central Lounge

These fun, interactive improv sessions in Central Lounge were so popular last year, we’re bringing them back this year. One Night Owl will be dedicated to fiction stories, another to nonfiction stories.

This year we are featuring two nights of Story Slams, an open-mic storytelling two-night event, where people tell true, personal stories or prepared, fictional stories! Put your name in the hat to tell a true story from your life or construct a fictional story. Come prepared or just come and listen! Storytellers are chosen at random (out of a hat) and get up to 5 minutes to tell their story. No notes allowed on this one, we want you to tell your story. Groups of audience members not telling a story will be asked to be our judges and there will be a Story Slam champion for each night! Great way to take your storytelling to the next level or even have a captive audience and instant feedback for that story you’ve been working on in a fun and unique way.

Murphy Felton has been a curriculum, copy and script writer for Christian camps and organizations around the country since 1995. After doing stand up comedy and improv to put herself through college, she regularly draws on those techniques to write for all ages of audiences. Currently, she is the Creative Services Manager at Mount Hermon and leads the team of creatives to produce printed pieces, video and social media content.

David Talbott Concert

Hymn Sing

David Talbott  |  Auditorium

Love hearing the old hymns and worship songs played on both piano and a magnificent theater organ? You won’t want to miss this incredible evening featuring the amazing Dave Talbott. After wowing you with his special renditions of classic favorites, he takes requests from the audience. David has been making music here for more than 55 years.

Writing for Guideposts

B. J. Taylor

B. J. Taylor see bio  |  Location TBA

Learn the nuts and bolts of how to write a winning Guideposts story along with how to properly submit, who to submit to, what to include, and when to send it in for the Guideposts Writers Workshop Contest. 

Understanding Your Personality

Andrea Coli

Andrea Coli see bio  |  Location TBA

An overview of the four basic personality types, plus a quick type test, followed by an explanation each type and ideas for how to capitalize on your personality strengths in your writing process.  Also includes tips on how to understand other people’s types and how best to work with and appreciate people on the opposite side of the spectrum who might be your editor, agent, writers’ group member, or spouse.  

Critique Groups that Work

Pat Sikora

Pat Sikora see bio  |  Location TBA

A critique group is crucial for any serious writer. They’re also fun, effective, and challenging. In this Night Owl, you’ll learn what critique groups are  and how to make them work. We’ll examine a variety of ways to start a group, some guidelines to manage it, how to critique well and with sensitivity, and a variety of organizational formats. 

Humor Writing

Renae Green

Renae Green see bio  |  Location TBA

The best way to win an audience is to make them laugh. This is easier said than done, especially with the written word, when you don’t have the benefit of tone of voice, facial expressions, or body language. Learn how to insert humor into your writing in a way that will keep it fresh and will hold the reader’s attention. In this fun, fast-paced Night Owl, award-winning humor columnist Renae Brumbaugh Green will share tried-and-true methods that will take your manuscript from dull to delightful and keep your readers glued to the page.

Best-Seller Branding

Thomas Umstattd Jr.

Thomas Umstattd Jr. see bio  |  Location TBA

Branding is more than just taglines and logos. Learn a simple four-step process to develop your author brand in this fun, interactive Night Owl. Thomas Umstattd is an award-winning speaker and teacher, CEO of Author Media, and co-host of the Novel Marketing Podcast with James L. Rubart. He promises you will leave this session with a much better brand than you walked in with.

Illustrated Faith: Bible Journaling

Christy Hoss

Christy Hoss see bio  |  Location TBA

Get creative in your quiet time with God and ignite a fire to seek God deeper using art and writing. After a short instruction to Bible journaling, there will be hands-on time to explore the endless possibilities this unique technique offers. If you bring a journaling Bible with you, or purchase one at the conference bookstore, take it with you to this Night Owl. If not, take any Bible you want to write in the margins on. If you don't bring a Bible, we'll supply you with a sample page from a journaling Bible. We’ll also provide the tools you need to be creative. Door prizes included!