Book Consignment Guidelines

The Writers Conference Bookstore is pleased to offer books that you’ve authored for sale on consignment during the conference.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Prior to the conference, download the Book Consignment Form and fill in the appropriate sections.
  • Email the completed Book Consignment Form to Joy Harrison by March 30, 2020.
  • Book Pricing: Please price each book on the back cover near the ISBN bar code. If your books are not already priced, we have stickers. If you are changing the price, place the new price sticker on top of the existing one.
  • Newly Released Books: If your book has been released since the last writers’ conference, mark NEW in the margin of the consignment form. Make sure to get a sticker for your name tag.
  • You may ship your books to the conference center (see shipping details below) or bring them with you to the conference. After checking in at registration and picking up your advance submissions, visit Joy Harrison in the Conference Bookstore (to the left of the dining hall).
  • If you did not ship your books in advance, bring them to the bookstore with you. Go to the tables on the left, where Joy or her assistant will help you through the short check-in process. They can also answer any questions you may have. (Please do not leave your books on the table without checking in with Joy or her assistant.)
  • Keep one book for classroom use (if you’re teaching) and the Monday night autograph party.
  • Keeping Track of Books: Once your books are consigned, please let us know if you take a book so we can note this on your Book Consignment Form.
  • Checking out your books: When you sign your consignment form at the beginning of the conference, make an appointment for book pick-up at the end of the conference.
  • End of Conference Book Pick-Up: The writers’ conference bookstore will SHUT DOWN Tuesday morning and we will need your help to expedite the process. Please pick up your remaining books at the time you asked for when dropping off your books; sign your consignment form. Checks will be issued based on your signed consignment forms and should reach you in a couple of weeks.
  • Shipping Books Home: The bookstore staff will not be able to ship your books, but the Mount Hermon Post Office (across the street) will be pleased to assist you.
  • Thank you for making your books available to those attending the conference. If you have suggestions or ideas that can improve the bookstore next year, please turn in your written comments to the writers’ conference Hospitality Desk in the Hospitality Center (Multi-Purpose Room).

In order to ensure mail delivery, we encourage you to ship via UPS, FEDEX, or other shipping company and use the address below:

Jeremy Bentley
ATTN: Conference Bookstore
Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference
37 Conference Drive
Felton, CA 95018

If mailing by US Postal Service, please use this address:

Jeremy Bentley
ATTN: Conference Bookstore
Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference
PO Box 413
Mount Hermon, CA 95041-0413