Editorial Needs 

If you’re planning to send an advance manuscript submission to an agent or acquisitions editor for review, or if you want to meet with agents and editors during the course of the conference, review the information below to choose the ones who would be the best fit for you and your writing. Editor and Agent bios can be found here.

If you’re not ready for an agent or publisher, send your advance submission to a freelance author for critique, and plan on meeting one-on-one with our freelance faculty members on the critique team.

Agents and Publishers


Stephanie Alton, the Blythe Daniel Agency, is looking for authors who have a distinguishable book hook that is unique and stands out from the same topic written about in other books. She will review books in the categories of Christian life, spiritual growth, current events, inspirational/narrative nonfiction, business/leadership, church leadership, marriage, parenting, apologetics, social issues, women’s issues, DIY, and gift books. She works with previously published best-selling authors and up-and-coming voices that are business leaders, pastors, journalists, ministry leaders, and others who have an established organization or ministry or are part of one.

Sally Apokedak, Apokedak Literary Agency, is open to Christian fiction for adults and children (ages 0-18) and Christian nonfiction for all ages. General-market fiction for children (ages 0-18). No poetry books, please. Open to all fiction genres except horror and paranormal. For advance submissions, send back-cover copy, synopsis, comparable books, and first five pages of manuscript (maximum ten pages total). Will review self-published books only if they sold more than 5,000 copies in the first year.

Jevon Bolden, Embolden Media Group, is seeking to acquire adult Christian nonfiction in the following categories: Christian living, spiritual growth, personal growth, women’s issues, prayer, faith, select Spirit-filled/charismatic topics, and select topics on race and diversity. Jevon will also consider some devotionals; some children’s books—picture, MG, or YA—Christian or mainstream; and some fiction (suspense, crime, mystery, thriller, technothriller, literary); some marriage and family; and some topics in natural and mental health and wellness. Authors must have a well-honed concept and well-established or actively growing platform. She is not accepting Bible studies or personal testimonies/memoirs, poetry, horror, romance, erotica, urban/street lit, church drama, sci-fi, speculative, or fantasy.

Adria Goetz, Martin Literary Management, is open to looking at books for younger readers, including picture books, middle grade, and young adult fiction for the Christian market or general market. She is not open to adult fiction and nonfiction. She would prefer to read query letters, full picture book manuscripts, or the first chapter of middle grade or young adult fiction. Adria is not open to reviewing self-published books.

Julie Gwinn, The Seymour Agency, is open to looking at adult and young-adult fiction and nonfiction. Fiction genres: romance, mystery, thriller, speculative. Nonfiction genres: Christian living, spiritual growth, self-help. No children’s, science fiction, or memoir. Wants to see a hook, brief description, synopsis or summary, and table of contents for nonfiction. Not currently reviewing self-published books.

Nick Harrison, WordServe Literary, is looking for well-written proposals or manuscripts in the following nonfiction genres: Christian living, prayer, men’s books, women’s books, politics, contemporary issues, charismatic, biography, and devotional. He’s not looking for personal experience, apologetics, or academic books.  For fiction, Nick will look at historical or contemporary romance, Amish, or literary fiction. No speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, or allegory). Also no children’s or YA books.  He’s happy to look at one-sheets, proposals, and up to 10 pages of a manuscript. He will look at self-published books that have sold well.

Steve Laube, The Steve Laube Agency, is looking for both fiction and nonfiction. If you were to ask, “What are you interested in?” I would answer, “What do you have?” The agency has represented everything from sweet romance to systematic theology.

Karen Neumair, Credo Communications, is looking for thoughtful nonfiction in Christian living, spiritual growth, and women’s interests such as family, parenting, marriage, or other contemporary issues. She is not representing memoir, children’s, fiction, or previously published works at this time. Please prepare a one-sheet with a brief description of the project’s premise and felt need, as well as an author bio that includes basic platform and promotion ideas.

Cynthia Ruchti, Books & Such Literary Management, will review nonfiction and some fiction. For nonfiction, a strong platform is a must; prefer thoughtfully written, intriguing approaches that align clearly with biblical teaching but not preachy. For memoir, must have clear value and significance for the reader (not just relating a life story). For fiction, open to most genres except fantasy, science fiction, and YA.


Joel Armstrong, Kregel Publications, works on Kregel’s trade imprint, which publishes general-interest nonfiction and fiction. They publish a broad range of genres, including Christian living, marriage, parenting, social justice, devotional, women’s fiction, historical, suspense, romance, and mystery. They do not publish speculative, poetry, or scripts. One-sheets, proposals, and sample chapters are helpful but not required. They are open to previously self-published titles.

Karin Beery, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, will be accepting proposals and first chapters for clean, general-market fiction (no gratuitous sex, violence, or swearing) that doesn’t break biblical principles. She’s looking for women’s fiction, contemporary romance, historical romance, historical fiction, and western fiction (historical or contemporary). She is not taking speculative fiction, young adult, or children’s books.

Misty M. Beller, Wild Heart Books, is looking for Christian historical romance of at least 50,000 words. Ideally between 55,000 – 75,000 words. We prefer books set in the United States or Canada, but will consider other locations. Our preferred time period ranges from 1700 to 1900, but we will consider earlier periods. Please submit a one-sheet (doesn’t have to be fancy!) and sample manuscript pages. We will look at self-published books.

Mark Coker, Smashwords, will be happy to discuss the publishing industry and publishing trends, and how authors can self-publish with pride, professionalism, and success. As a distributor of self-published ebooks, Smashwords is open to books of all genres in fiction and nonfiction.

Cheri Cowell, EABooks Publishing, will look at one-sheets and writing samples. EABooks specializes in nonfiction, fiction (all genres), poetry, devotionals, story collections, Bible studies, children’s books (no board books), young adult, novella, memoir, and out-of-print books.

Sharon Elliott, Harambee Press, is looking for writers who want to express the diversity of their culture and who have stories or life lessons that communicate a message of hope and redemption through adult and YA fiction or nonfiction. Be ready to show a one-sheet and/or a proposal with sample chapters. Sharon will also review your self-published book, but the company prefers to work with books that have not been previously published.

Jason Fikes, Leafwood Publishers, is happy to review Christian Living. (No fiction.)

Cara Grandle, WhiteFire Publishing, is looking for books that embody the motto of “Where Spirit Meets the Page” for all three imprints:
                  WhiteFire line publishes both fiction and nonfiction in all genres.
                  WhiteSpark line is dedicated to young readers, from picture books to young adult.
                  Ashberry Lane is their dedicated romance line.

Come prepared to effectively communicate the hook of your story. If a manuscript really grabs us, we’re open to any genre; thus far we’ve yet to publish any devotionals, poetry, purely academic titles, or fantasy. Manuscripts must be complete unless you are agented and will be sending in a proposal.

John Herring, Iron Stream Books/New Hope, is looking for proposals in the following genres: Bible study, discipleship, leadership, faith and life, family, women and faith, men and faith. Iron Stream Books/Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas is looking for fiction (women, mystery, romance, historical fiction, speculative, western, adventure) and nonfiction (African-American, devotionals). We will look at self-published work if the author can provide performance information.

Linda Howard, Tyndale House Publishers, (to be listed at a later date)

Marilyn Jansen, Editorial Director for Ellie Claire, Worthy/Hachette Book Group, is looking for one-sheets or proposals for devotionals, gift books, journals, and devotional journals. I can also look at Christian living trade books for other HBG divisions. I am mainly looking for writing samples as part of the proposals. If it is trade, platform information will also be imperative. I am willing to review self-published books.

Sherri Langton would like to review articles and personal experiences for the Bible Advocate related to its 2020 themes on the Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:14–6:2). She can review some poetry as well. No opinion pieces, devotionals, or fiction. For the online publication Now What? Sherri would like to review personal experiences. No poetry, devotionals, or fiction for this publication.

Susan Stewart, Elk Lake Publishing, is looking for most genres of fiction (no westerns or Amish) for all ages; nonfiction with a twist. No devotionals, memoirs (unless of a memorable personality), poetry, or Bible studies. We will look at YA. We will consider self-published books. She wants to see a one-sheet.