Morning Mentoring Clinics

Gain valuable insight from a skilled professional in your genre who is committed to coming alongside other writers. Instead of participating in a Major Morning Track, you might prefer having your work-in-progress evaluated by a multi-published author and mentor. This option is specifically designed for writers who have intermediate writing and publishing experience and are ready to deepen their skill in a small-group setting. Each clinic combines learning in a small-group setting, a mentor critique of your work-in-progress, and a one-on-one consultation with your mentor.

All mentoring clinics are limited to 6 participants.

Fiction and nonfiction clinics are for intermediate writers who have a work-in-progress.
Special-interest clinics are for all levels of writers.


  • By Application Only
  • $80 Additional Cost
  • Deadline is March 5, 2021
  • Applications are processed in the order they are received
  • Meeting each morning (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) during the Major Morning Tracks


Fiction: Intermediate/Advanced Clinics

Sarah Sundin

Bring Your Story to Life—Intermediate/Advanced Fiction

In this clinic, you’ll learn how to make your story come to life. Your writing sample will be evaluated by Sarah and by your classmates. Through these examples and in interactive instruction, the group will discuss crafting realistic characters, incorporating spiritual and thematic elements, and grounding readers in the setting without overwhelming them with details. You’ll also see how good fiction mechanics, from dialogue to point-of-view, can bring your story from mediocre to excellent.

Karin Berry

Getting and Keeping Your Readers’ Attention—Editing Intermediate/Advanced Fiction

If agents and publishers are asking for more but no one’s offered a contract yet, it’s time to troubleshoot your manuscript. As an acquiring editor for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, Karin sees many of the same issues over and over. As a substantive fiction editor, she knows how to identify and fix those issues. She can teach you how to identify and fix them too.

Nonfiction: Intermediate/Advanced Writers

Joe Bentz

Propel Your Book to the Next Level—Intermediate/Advanced Editing Nonfiction

Are you writing a nonfiction book that hasn’t quite reached the level of quality you want? Is it too scattered or unpolished? Maybe you can’t identify why it falls short. This clinic will focus on revising your manuscript, with help from other writers and from the instructor, who is the author of ten books and has years of experience teaching writing. In addition to receiving critiques of your work, you will learn techniques for improving and editing your writing on your own.

Jan Kern

Writing for Your Reader with Impact, Depth, and Flow—Intermediate Nonfiction

Your nonfiction book holds a creative balance of elements that arc across its pages. In this clinic, you’ll learn how to make those arcs work for you to carry the message and impact you want for your reader. Jan will help you take a deep dive into your author-reader connection so you can design an intentional direction for your book’s story and themes. You’ll walk away with new insight and direction as well as tools to help you complete your book with fun and ease.

Special-Interest Clinics

Cindi McMenamin

Making Your Memoir Marketable—Intermediate/Advanced Nonfiction

Most writers want to write about their personal lives. But memoir rarely sells unless your story was nationally publicized or you’re known around the world. Make your memoir marketable by identifying the reader-relevant topic within your story and writing elements of your story around it. By sharing proven writing exercises and a simple process of “forward-movement” chapter development, Cindi will encourage and equip you in your next step toward writing a powerful, publishable memoir.

Aurora Gregory

Getting Picked: Building Your Speaker Pitch—Intermediate Writers/Beginning to Intermediate Speakers

You want to do more public speaking so you can reach more people with your message, but how do you create a pitch for event planners or ministry leaders? In this mentoring clinic, Aurora Gregory, speaker pitch mentor and coauthor of Get Picked: Tips, Tricks and Tools for Creating an Irresistible Speaker Proposal, will work with you to refine your topic, define your audience, and write a pitch that will get you picked to speak.

James L. Rubart

Developing Your Author Brand or Rebrand—Intermediate/Advanced Writers

Most writers—and many consultants—think a brand is created. It isn’t. It’s discovered by delving deep into the heart of a writer. It starts with uncovering the theme of the writer’s life and using that as a foundation to build everything else on: website, content, graphics, social media strategy … everything. In this mentoring clinic, branding expert and Christy Hall of Fame author James L. Rubart will show you how to do all of the above. Your career, and your life, will never be the same.


The Mentoring Clinics meet each morning during the Major Morning Tracks and are by application only. Clinics are limited to 6 students each. Applications are processed and the writers placed in groups in the order the applications are received.

The goal is to give clinic participants concentrated time to strengthen their works-in-progress. Includes mentor instruction, professional critique of your project, and group dialogue around writing technique applicable to your genre. 

For an Application Form contact:

FICTION: Sarah Sundin | sarahsundin10@sbcglobal.net

In the subject line of your email, please write “MH Morning Mentoring Clinic” and your last name, and the fiction clinic you’re interested in. The application form you receive will allow you to share more about your interests and detail what we need from you to place you in your clinic. 

NONFICTION AND SPECIALTY CLINICS: Jan Kern | jankern@gmail.com

In the subject line of your email, please write “MH Morning Mentoring Clinic,” your last name, and the nonfiction or specialty clinic you’re interested in. The application form you receive will allow you to share more about your interests and detail what we need from you to place you in your clinic.

Other Morning Options

Major Morning Tracks

If you’re a new writer who hasn’t had much writing and publishing experience, you will benefit more from taking one of the Major Morning Tracks than getting into a Mentoring Clinic.

Writing Retreat

If neither of those options is right for you, why not make the Mount Hermon writers conference a writing retreat? Start your day in a Prayer & Praise session, or take a prayer walk along one of the beautiful redwood trails, or seek divine guidance in the Mount Hermon chapel. Join us for a delicious, healthy breakfast. Then spend the rest of the morning writing whatever God lays on your heart to work on. After lunch, do more writing or take some workshops, meet with the Critique Team, have appointments with faculty members, or enjoy some of the recreational opportunities available to conferees. If you get stuck, spend some time with our Prayer Partners in the chapel. After dinner, be inspired by our evening worship and keynote speaker … or do more writing. You’ll be amazed at how much quality work you’ll get done in this inspiring atmosphere!