Pre-conference Mentoring Clinics

April 1 – 3, 2020

Get a jump-start on the main conference by signing up for a pre-conference mentoring clinic!

Purpose of the Pre-conference Mentoring Clinic

The Pre-Conference Mentoring Clinics are designed to give beginning, intermediate, and advanced writers an opportunity to focus on developing their projects or to support other areas of their writing career. Each clinic combines learning in a small-group setting, a mentor critique of your work-in-progress, and a one-on-one consultation with your mentor.

Fiction and nonfiction clinics are limited to 6 participants.

Specialty clinics are taught in a workshop setting and are for writers of all levels. Alongside the learning material, these clinics include evaluation and suggestions.​

Specialty clinics are limited to 12 participants.

Pre-conference Mentors


Joann Bischof – Beginning Fiction
Course TBA

Description TBA

Karen Ball – Editing Intermediate to Advanced Fiction
Course TBA

Course Description TBA


Jan Kern – Beginning Nonfiction
Course TBA

Course Description TBA

Erin Taylor Young – Editing Intermediate to Advanced Nonfiction
Course TBA

Course Description TBA


Jeanette Hanscome – Preparing for Conference Appointments (Beginners)
Course TBA

Course Description TBA

Application Details & Requirements

Participation in a Pre-conference clinic is by application only. If you are accepted, the Registration team will be contacted and will register you for the same housing division you chose for the Main Conference.


Application Deadline: March 11, 2020

A Pre-conference Clinic offers an added-value opportunity for an additional fee.

Application Process

Submit a Word Document attachment in an email to coordinator Jan Kern: jankern@gmail.com
  • In subject line of your email, write: MH PRE-CON 2020 – YOUR NAME
  • Your attached document should include these items:
    • Name and contact information, including mailing address, phone number, and email address
    • The clinic for which you are applying
    • Your purpose and goal for participation in a Pre-conference Clinic
    • Your writing credits and experience, if any (published works, courses you’ve taken, critiques of your work)
    • A three- to five-page sample of your writing
      • Your sample should be a piece that represents the genre of the clinic for which you are applying. See Sample Requirements below.
      • Your sample should represent your current best writing. It can be edited by you but please submit a sample that has not been edited by others.
Clinic space is limited. Apply now!

Sample Requirements


A three-page sample that includes a scene between two people, with dialogue. If your sample is part of a work-in-progress, include title, intended audience, and a paragraph about the plot and characters.

Editing Clinic

A 100-word “welcome” message for your homepage and “about” page copy, any length.


A three-page sample of any nonfiction writing you’ve completed or from your current work-in-progress. If your sample is part of a work-in-progress, include title, intended audience, and a paragraph summary of your project.

Proposal Clinic

Preparing for Conference Appointments.

Pre-conference Schedule